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Attention to Detail & Communication!

Attention to detail, quality of service, pride of work ethic, business Integrity, & going the extra step are what separate us from our competitors!  

My name is Gene Carpino and I  started working for my father when I was a teenager in  the mid 80’s and what made us different from most companies was that we went the extra step with the quality of work. 

“My father always said that you can get someone to do work for a cheap price but it doesn’t always mean that the quality will be good”. 

When I started my own cleaning business in 2008, I continued with the same mindset but wanted to try and implement more competitive pricing but maintain the same level of service!

​I do not think that any company will ever be 100% at customer service but trying to get there is our goal! 

​We pride ourselves in making sure that every corner is cleaned, every piece of debris is picked up & all work is double-checked to ensure quality of service! 

Communicating with our customers from beginning to end as well as following up after the work has been completed to see what we could have done to improve is all part of our process. And we are always looking for new ways to go the extra step with our customers!

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