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Cleaning Company in Upper Dublin Township, PA

When you need deep cleaning, don’t spend excessive time and money cleaning the facility yourself–instead, talk to a cleaning company in Upper Dublin Township, PA.

Residential and Commercial Services

Carpet Cleaning Services

Eliminate years of wear and tear with ALG Carpet Cleaning Service. We offer residential and commercial carpet cleaning services to remove hardened stains, unpleasant odors, and discolorations that ruin the carpet’s appearance. If you’re worried about bacteria, ALG cleans and sanitizes your carpet to reduce the spread of viruses. Our services eliminate damage caused by spilled drinks, food particles, tracked-in dirt, and other household messes.

Window Cleaning Services

Trying to clean your windows at home leaves streaks, spots, and water damage. Instead of using inferior-grade products, hire ALG for window cleaning services that cut through dirt and grime. We use heavy-duty tools and products that restore your windows’ appearance and clarity. Our services also remove dust, pollen, and allergens that compromise the air quality in your home.

Power Washing Services

Dirt and grime settle into hard surfaces like driveways, patios, and decks, decreasing your home’s value and ruining the appearance. ALG’s power washing services use hot sprays of water to remove grime buildup, leaving you with a clean, attractive residence that makes you want to host a neighborhood barbecue. Our services include pressure washing and soft washing for other exterior structures, including your walls and siding.

Residential Cleaning Services

Whether you’re getting ready to sell your house, increase the value or improve the appearance, ALG offers residential cleaning solutions that make you feel like you just bought a new residence. We use commercial-grade products and techniques to restore your carpets, windows, decks, porches, rooms, and garage. Talk to us about your current issues to tailor our residential cleaning services to your specific needs.

Industry Cleaning Services

School Cleaning Services

Students and teachers spend at least seven hours a day on campus, and you need to protect their health to keep the school running. From preschools to universities, ALG offers educational facility cleaning services that kill germs, sanitize services, and remove the trash that attracts pests and mildew. We offer one-off janitorial cleaning services and services scheduled regularly.

Pharmaceutical Cleaning Services

Patients count on pharmacies to provide medication, vaccinations, and other health services. They won’t come back if they leave with a nasty stomach bug–and you’ll lose productivity when a virus goes around. ALG’s cleaning service for pharmaceutical facilities protects patients, nurses, employees, and office workers. We also extend our services to pharmaceutical companies and other industry leaders.

Doctor's Office Cleaning Services

When patients enter the doctor’s office, they expect a clean, sanitized environment without clutter or debris. If they feel uncomfortable in your office, they’ll switch to a different provider. Talk to a janitorial cleaning company like ALG Cleaning Service about healthcare facility cleaning services that keep everyone healthy and productive. Our commercial cleaning services in Upper Dublin Township, PA, include sanitization, mopping, and trash removal.

Church Cleaning Services

Over time, churches accumulate dust, clutter, and boxes of supplies that you’ll never use anymore. ALG’s church cleaning services include decluttering and trash removal to free up space in your church, allowing you to buy new products for your congregation. Our cleaning company in Upper Dublin Township, PA, disinfects the building if someone brings a virus to Sunday service.

Industrial Cleaning Services

Declutter your factory, power plant, or industrial building with ALG’s cleaning services for manufacturing facilities. We use the strongest products in the industry to cut through grime whenever other products have failed. Our commercial carpet cleaning services vacuum and sanitize the floors while trash removal gets rid of accumulated junk. Schedule our janitorial cleaning services regularly to keep your facility tidy.

Office Cleaning Services

You can’t take a day or two off work to maintain your productivity, but when the flu starts circulating, you might not have a choice. Protect your employees with ALG office cleaning services that include decluttering and disinfecting. Professional cleaning services make your employees feel safe and valued. They also create a professional atmosphere that makes everyone ready to get back to work.

Apartment Cleaning Services

Your tenants expect a certain level of cleanliness, and so do housing regulations. Hire commercial cleaning services in Upper Dublin Township, PA, to clean, declutter and sanitize your units for new and existing tenants. Our apartment complex cleaning services also apply to offices, sidewalks, parking lots, and other parts of the facility.

Reach out to ALG Cleaning Service to learn more about our janitorial cleaning company and commercial cleaning services in Upper Dublin Township, PA.

Why Our Clients Love Us

Naoko Lemard
Naoko Lemard
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Satisfied customer. They took time and power washed my whole house exterior, steps and patio. Very detailed job. I am happy my house looks brand new again.
Nick DiDonato
Nick DiDonato
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ALG Cleaning Services was very fast and professional. After calling for a quote, they were able to come out the same week and cleaned my house perfectly! I was 100% satisfied with there services. Thank you ALG!
Amy McCaffery
Amy McCaffery
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We have used ALG Cleaning Services twice now. I cannot day enough about the work that we had done. I would recommend ALG to anyone in need of deep cleaning, power washing and/or sanitation services! Their service, work and professionalism are second to none!