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Cleaning Company in Yardley, PA

Renew your residential or commercial building with ALG’s cleaning services for a wide range of industries. We clean buildings so thoroughly that it looks like you just moved in yesterday.

Carpet Cleaning Services

Give your carpet a deep cleaning with AGL Yardley carpet cleaning services. We pull dirt, grime, allergens, pollen, food particles, and pet stains from carpets and rugs, giving your floors a new look. We also sanitize carpets to eliminate germs and bacteria that cause illnesses in your home or business. Save time and money by extending your carpet’s lifespan instead of tearing up the floors with commercial carpet cleaning services.

Window Cleaning Services

Over time, your windows accumulate dust, pollen, stains, dirt, and bird droppings. As a result, the glass becomes cloudy and grimy, which doesn’t just make a bad first impression. It defeats the purpose of having windows in the first place. Hire a cleaning company in Yardley, PA, for professional window cleaning services that remove smears, dirt, and grime without leaving water streaks, restoring the clear glass.

Residential Cleaning Services

Refresh your house with residential cleaning solutions that sanitize your home, eliminate stains, remove odors and destroy pollen and allergens so you can breathe comfortably. ALG Yardley’s residential cleaning services include window cleaning, power washing, carpet sanitization, and solutions for virtually every room in your house. When drugstore products won’t clean your house, ALG’s professional-grade products, tools, and techniques provide a refreshing deep cleaning.

Power Washing Services

Buildings receive constant exposure to the elements. As a result, mold, mildew, dirt, pollen, and bird droppings accumulate on walls, driveways, and patios, giving your house or residential building a dull, dingy appearance. ALG’s power washing services use a blast of hot water to break down particles and strip the grime from the exterior walls. Your cleaning company in Yardley, PA, also offers pressure washing services, which don’t require hot water.

Educational Cleaning Services

Clean and sanitize your preschool, middle school, or university with ALG’s school cleaning services. If the flu has circulated campus, hire ALG Yardley to sanitize the school and prevent future infections. We also clean walls, floors, sidewalks, parking lots, classrooms, hallways, and cafeterias to provide a safe environment for teachers and students.

Pharmaceutical Cleaning Services

In the pharmaceutical industry, germs and bacteria compromise the health of your customers, employees, and healthcare professionals. Commercial cleaning services in Yardley, PA, eliminate germs, bacteria, mold, and allergens to provide a safe, sanitized workplace. We also offer janitorial cleaning services like dusting, taking out the trash, vacuuming the floors, and deodorizing the facility. With pharma cleaning services, treat your patients without exposing them to pathogens.

Healthcare Cleaning Services

Patients ask themselves, “How do doctors avoid contracting the viruses that they treat in their offices?” In addition to frequent hand washing, doctors use professional cleaning services to sanitize their facilities, eliminating germs and bacteria. Other solutions like commercial carpet services and janitorial cleaning services provide a safe, hygienic facility that patients feel comfortable in. Hire a medical office cleaning company to prevent the spread of germs.

Religious Cleaning Services

Provide a safe environment for worship with commercial cleaning services in Yardley, PA. Our cleaning service for religious buildings includes mopping, dusting, trash removal, deodorizing, and sanitation to keep your facility clean and hygienic. When moisture starts to develop, contact ALG for mold and mildew prevention. We also eliminate dirt, pollen, dust, and other particles that trigger an allergic reaction.

Industrial Cleaning Services

Dust, dirt, and mold buildup interrupt your facility’s regular functioning, resulting in extra expenses and profit loss. Instead, hire a janitorial cleaning company for industrial cleaning services that run smoothly. We’ll clean the walls and floors, powerwash the exterior, remove allergens, get rid of the trash, eliminate odors, and deep-clean the carpets while you focus on running the business.

Office Cleaning Services

If you’ve noticed much coughing and sneezing in the office, you might have pollen, dust, and allergens floating in the air. In addition, mold and mildew could lurk in the walls and ceiling while trash buildup leaves an unpleasant odor. Reach out to a janitorial cleaning company like ALG for extensive office cleaning services that protect your employees and allow you to get back to work.

Apartment Cleaning Services

Protect your current tenants and get ready for newcomers with ALG’s cleaning service for apartment complexes. We provide a deep cleaning that includes power washing the exterior, cleaning rug and carpet stains, washing the grime off the windows, and removing allergens that circulate through the air. You’ll make a great first impression with new tenants that keeps you in business.

Why Our Clients Love Us

Naoko Lemard
Naoko Lemard
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Satisfied customer. They took time and power washed my whole house exterior, steps and patio. Very detailed job. I am happy my house looks brand new again.
Nick DiDonato
Nick DiDonato
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ALG Cleaning Services was very fast and professional. After calling for a quote, they were able to come out the same week and cleaned my house perfectly! I was 100% satisfied with there services. Thank you ALG!
Amy McCaffery
Amy McCaffery
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We have used ALG Cleaning Services twice now. I cannot day enough about the work that we had done. I would recommend ALG to anyone in need of deep cleaning, power washing and/or sanitation services! Their service, work and professionalism are second to none!