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How to Pressure Wash Your Deck — The Right Way

If you’re dealing with the weather conditions in the greater Philadelphia area, pressure washing your deck may seem easy. Just grab a hose, point, and spray. Right? It turns out there’s more to it than that, and power washing your deck incorrectly can damage your deck’s surface. If you’re looking to obtain a high-quality clean for your patio, here are a few pressure washing tips to follow to get the best pressure washing results possible.

Determine if it’s the right time to pressure wash your deck

A pressure washer is a powerful tool for cleaning, so before you rush to pull out the hose, you will want to determine if your deck is genuinely in need of a full pressure wash. The typical timeframe for power washing a deck is typically once every few years. Take a good look at your deck and ask the following questions – 

  • Have I pressure passed my deck recently?
  • Is there a ton of hard-to-remove grime and dirt build-up that can’t be resolved with some simple cleaning solution?

If you can’t quite recall the last time you pressure washed your deck and it looks more than just a little dirty, it’s time to turn the pressure on and give your deck a thorough wash.

Protect Yourself From Pressure Washing Injuries

The strong spray emitted from pressure washers has been known to cause injury to human skin and surfaces when the proper precautions are not taken. Before beginning to power wash your deck, you will need to protect yourself by wearing the recommended safety gear: 

  • Work boots to protect your feet 
  • Goggles to guard your eyes and face
  • Strong gloves to protect against any dirt and debris that may potentially peel off the deck during the cleaning process. 

Prepare the Deck for Pressure Washing

You’ll want to make sure your deck is clear of all unnecessary objects. Clear out any tables, furniture, and miscellaneous items that will get in the way of you operating the power washing in a fluid motion. Place a protective covering over any objects that cannot be removed. Also, be sure to do a thorough scan of the deck surface, making sure it is as smooth as possible. If you see any splinters, sand them down before continuing power washing your deck

Start Cleaning Before Power Washing 

Now it’s time to roll up your sleeves and start the actual deck washing process. Using a soap compatible with your deck’s type of wood, you will want to utilize the ‘soap only’ mode on your pressure washer and cover any surface areas on your deck that are particularly grimy. 

Once these surfaces are covered, use a synthetic brush to gently scrub and break away any hard dirt that may have been caked onto the wood. Don’t forget to soap up any hard-to-reach areas like corners as well! 

While this step may seem tedious, it is important to complete; it makes washing away dirt much easier when spraying the deck.

After brushing, pull out the pressure washer and fit a wide nozzle at the end of the hose. Then, holding the nozzle away from you, turn the pressure washer on and move the hose in a vast, sweeping motion, going across from plank to plank. Be sure to keep six inches between your hose and the wood, and don’t rush. 

Take your time to ensure the entire surface of your deck is covered, and if your deck is large, don’t be afraid to split the cleaning process into a two-part process.

Hire ALG Cleaning Services For Your Pressure Washing Needs

Pressure washing your deck on your own can be difficult without prior experience or expertise. If you’re unsure how to get the best cleaning results for your home’s deck, our team at ALG Cleaning Services is here to help! 

ALG Cleaning Services has provided professional pressure washing services to clients in the greater Philadelphia area for over 20 years. Learn more about how ALG Cleaning Services can help you achieve the new deck of your dreams, or book your pressure washing estimate with us here!

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