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Healthcare Cleaning Services in the Greater Philadelphia Area

Health care facilities need to remain clean and sanitary for the health and safety of anyone who goes into them. Unfortunately, this isn’t an easy feat when you think about how many sick people go in and out of them on a daily basis. Fortunately, health care facilities in the greater Philadelphia area can count on the team at ALG Cleaning Service to provide a premier cleaning service for medical offices.

The needs of medical offices vary depending on who’s seen in them and what types of services are being provided. For example, a chiropractor’s office won’t necessarily see patients with infectious diseases, so they will need a different level of service than an urgent care clinic that sees contagious patients all day.

Our team provides janitorial services for cleaning and disinfecting of hospitals, doctor’s offices, dental clinics, and any other medical facility. We understand the critical need to have clean and sanitize surfaces and spaces. Give our team a call today to develop a customized plan that will ensure your medical facility is clean and hygienic as soon as possible. You don’t have to waste valuable person-hours on these tasks when you turn to our team to get the job done.

Medical Office Disinfection Services

Disinfecting medical offices is one of the most effective ways to keep your patients and employees safe. Your office’s reputation and HCAHPS score depend on it! We keep track of the industry’s best practices and base our procedures on these. Our healthcare facility cleaning services meet the standards set by various organizations, including:

Our medical cleaning company cleans more than just standard doctor offices. We have experience cleaning and disinfecting every type of medical office, including:

We understand that you need these areas ready for patients. However, we can come in daily to get the disinfection handled, so your team only has to take care of the upkeep during the day. This works for many offices because the upkeep is simple and can be done between patients. Our team also provides carpet cleaning, pressure washing, and window cleaning to keep your medical office looking fantastic.

Doctor Office Cleaning Services

The customized service plan we establish for you puts your office’s needs first. We know that you have many options for healthcare facility cleaning services. Because ALG Cleaning Service provides you with a solid plan for disinfection and cleaning, you know exactly what’s being done to keep everyone who comes into your health care facility safe.

One of our medical office cleaning services is electrostatic disinfecting fogging. This is the most effective way to kill viruses. This health care cleaning service disinfects against common viruses, including COVID-19 and influenza. It’s one of the best ways your office can keep the risk of contracting these illnesses to a minimum, even if you see patients who are currently positive for these viruses.

The stringent standards we use for our doctor’s office cleaning services are comparable to those for our hospital cleaning services. We know that keeping your staff and patients healthy and providing a safe environment for them is crucial to your success.

Dental Office Janitorial Services

Dental offices have a unique place in the healthcare industry because masking and other common illness prevention methods aren’t suitable. In addition, everything in these offices must be properly disinfected so that the sanitary equipment and tools aren’t placed on dirty surfaces.

Our dental office cleaning service is tailored specifically to the needs of the oral care community. We work with your staff to determine what medical janitorial services your office needs. The cleaners and disinfectants we use are safe for dental offices, so you can rest assured that the office is ready for your patients after we leave.

Healthcare Cleaning Company in the Greater Philadelphia Area

Working with a professional medical office cleaning company helps to keep your employees and patients safer. The team at ALG Cleaning Service is standing ready to help you keep your medical or dental office clean and sanitary. Give us a call at 267-356-4940 to discuss your needs and make an appointment with us. We proudly serve medical offices throughout the greater Philadelphia area, including Bucks County, Chester County, Delaware County, and Montgomery County.

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Naoko Lemard
Naoko Lemard
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Satisfied customer. They took time and power washed my whole house exterior, steps and patio. Very detailed job. I am happy my house looks brand new again.
Nick DiDonato
Nick DiDonato
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ALG Cleaning Services was very fast and professional. After calling for a quote, they were able to come out the same week and cleaned my house perfectly! I was 100% satisfied with there services. Thank you ALG!
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Amy McCaffery
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We have used ALG Cleaning Services twice now. I cannot day enough about the work that we had done. I would recommend ALG to anyone in need of deep cleaning, power washing and/or sanitation services! Their service, work and professionalism are second to none!