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Public Buildings That Benefit From Cleaning Services

Building cleaning can vary between different industries, but ensuring they are regularly cleaned is universally important. Choosing the right commercial cleaning service for those regular cleanings depends on what type of business you are in. Three specific public buildings significantly benefit from hiring the right cleaning company. 

Benefits of school cleaning services

Professional school cleaning services can be challenging to come by. Specific contracts and bidders make finding a reliable cleaning company difficult instead of just whoever is the cheapest. 

Maintaining a clean school environment for students and staff should be the utmost priority. Dirty classrooms can lead to the spread of germs, causing students to miss days. The Economic Policy Institute found that absenteeism has a substantial impact on performance

Clean environments keep kids in school 

Providing clean and healthy learning environments gives our students the best chance for success. School administrators need to provide students with the best possible means to perform their best. The right janitorial services are the first step to achieving this. 

Professional school cleaning services may be the first step in keeping students from missing school. A clean school also doesn’t end in the building. Keeping students healthy also keeps their families healthy. The more we allow viruses to spread through schools, the more they will be transmitted back home and in the community. 

Benefits of church cleaning services

Churches are a vital part of the community. They serve as a meeting place for friends, family, and neighbors. Unfortunately, whenever people congregate, there is an increased risk of spreading germs and viruses. 

Church services and the spreading of viruses

Churches aren’t immune to this sad truth, as we saw firsthand during the Covid-19 pandemic. Professional church cleaning is the first step in combating the spread of similar viruses. With the amount of shared space and objects, every corner of the church needs to be disinfected appropriately to keep all patrons safe. 

Churches need a higher level of care

Cleaning your church should also be done with care. The professional church cleaning service needs to use the right cleaning products to protect older, valuable pieces. Choose a company like ALG Cleaning Services that has experience with professional church cleaning services in the greater Philadelphia Area. 

Benefits of government building cleaning services

Another cornerstone of the community is government office buildings. Many residents work in these buildings; they also will act as centers for township services. Between employees and daily business, there is daily interaction between many people.

Professional cleaning services keep employees working

Keeping government employees healthy has a trickle-down effect on daily operations. When government employees use sick days, certain vital parts of the town operation may suffer.

While one sick day may not lead to a neighborhood missing trash collection day, it does cause strain on local government operations, just like when an employee misses a day of work, the organization as a whole needs to play catch-up. Keeping the work environment clean and healthy is the first step to keeping the day-to-day operations in place. 

Clean government buildings keep residents safe

The majority of people can make decisions based on their comfort level of traveling. The Covid-19 pandemic has created situations where we all have to assess our risk and make appropriate decisions. The vulnerable population may skip a trip to a crowded bar or local amusement park. 

Government buildings serve as a meeting point for vulnerable groups and healthy individuals. Residents may not have the choice to appear at a government building to deal with a ticket, pay a bill, or put in a request. 

It’s up to the local government to not pick the cheapest janitorial service, but the one that will keep their residents safe with effective cleaning services. ALG Cleaning Service has the experience and drive to support your local government building clean and safe. ALG has been cleaning government buildings across the greater Philadelphia area, helping them operate effectively. 

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