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Why Clean Gutters Are Important

There are many things that can clog gutters — leaves, twigs, dirt, and even moss or plants that can wind up growing there. This build-up won’t just look unappealing and messy but can also result in numerous problems down the road. But why is gutter cleaning important anyway? Let’s take a look at four of the major reasons to clean gutters regularly.

Water Damage

Gutters are important for redirecting water away from your home during rainfall — if they’re clogged, then water will have a hard time flowing through them. The ensuing water damage that can result from this jam is one of the major reasons to clean gutters.

For example, excessive water can seep into your home through openings in the siding, staining the walls and ceiling in the process. Without proper drainage, water can instead flow onto the foundation of your home and create cracks as it freezes and expands during the winter. Additionally, water can even make its way into the basement and cause even more interior damage. Your roofing isn’t safe either, as water won’t be able to leave the roof when the gutters are clogged — the resulting pooling can cause roof rot and create other functional issues.

Given how expensive it can be to repair water damage, you shouldn’t wait to learn why gutter cleaning is important. Ensure that rainwater can drain properly by having your gutters cleaned.

Ice Dams

Unfortunately, a clogged gutter can make water a threat to your home year-round. Another one of the major reasons to clean gutters is ice damming, which happens in cold temperatures. After the snow on a roof melts, it will make its way toward the gutters as water and refreeze. Not only will ice dams on your gutters make it even harder for water to flow properly, but cloggings can worsen the ice dams as well. On top of that, ice dams can cause icicles to form, and their additional weight can become too heavy for the gutters to handle — damaging or possibly tearing them off.


While many of the reasons to clean gutters involve proper water drainage, there are many other possible problems that clogging can create. In particular, the built-up leaves and debris are loved by pests. As a result, having a clogged gutter can result in pest infestations that may lead to serious health hazards for occupants. In addition, a wide range of other animals, like squirrels and birds, can make the messy gutters their nest — all at the expense of water flow.


Forgetting to clean your gutters can also reduce their longevity due to the increased wear and tear due to being clogged. For example, the weight of accumulated debris and pooling water can place extra strain on the drainage system. Excess water and moisture can also cause the gutters to corrode or rust as well, shortening their lifespans.

When Should Gutters Be Cleaned?

Given all the reasons to clean gutters and the problems that can occur when you don’t, you’ll save more money in the long run by having them regularly cleaned. A good time for cleaning is in autumn before winter arrives and freezes all the leaves that fell during the fall. However, there are several factors that can influence how often you’ll want them cleaned, such as the environment you live in and how fast debris builds up. In other words, the more tree branches are near your home to fill up the gutters with leaves, the more frequently you may want to clean them.

If you want your gutters cleaned professionally, contact ALG Cleaning Service. We offer various other services as well to keep your home in top condition, including yard cleaning services and window cleaning in Philadelphia. Give us a call for more information on our gutter cleaning services and to schedule your appointment.

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