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Why You Shouldn’t Power Wash Your Own Home

Tired of trying to use a garden hose to clean your home’s exterior? Then you’ve probably thought about pressure washing as an alternative. Pressure washing is a great way to revive the look of any home. However, there are many situations where it will do more harm than good.

But when should I pressure wash my house? The answer is almost always never, as high water pressure can cause a variety of problems if not done correctly. In fact, it can leave your beloved home looking much worse than before. To learn why you shouldn’t power wash your own home, here are five facts to consider.

It Can Damage Your Siding and Much More

While many siding materials fare well when washed with water, that isn’t the case for pressure washes. When you pressure wash the outside of houses, the water blasts can reach up to 3300 psi. It won’t take long for water at this strength to harm delicate surfaces, meaning that your siding can be damaged easily. This is especially true for older homes and brick houses. As a result, you’ll end up needing to pay for expensive repairs.

The Risk of Interior Water Leaks

Should I pressure wash my house? Not unless you want internal water leaks. It’s possible for water to enter the walls by entering underneath the siding, through cracks, or other openings. It can cause a wide range of interior water damage. From harming the wiring to soaking the insulation, water intrusion can lead to extensive damage to the interior.

Additionally, when insulation and other materials are wet, it can lead to the growth of mold and other issues. The next time you need to clean your home’s exterior, think twice about using a pressure washer unless it’s operated by a professional.

It Can Be Less Effective

When you pressure wash a house, you may not have access to the cleaning solutions that professionals use. Even if the high psi can easily clean off dirt, the same can’t be said for algae. Professional cleaning agents are better at curbing the growth of algae, mold, and mildew, which you likely won’t have during a DIY pressure wash. If you want your home’s exterior to be as clean as possible, the cleaning solutions used by professionals will be much more thorough in removing stains.

Pressure Washing Can Be Dangerous

If you’re thinking about doing DIY pressure washing, ask yourself this question: should I pressure wash my house if it’s dangerous? It’s important to understand that high-pressure blasts won’t just damage your siding. The high psi of the water can injure those who stand in the way of the spray nozzle, which includes you, if it’s handled incorrectly. Furthermore, using bleach or a similar cleaning agent can harm the plants, bushes, trees, and other greenery on the property.

Why Should I Pressure Wash My House When a Professional Can Instead?

Although many housing materials shouldn’t be pressure washed, hard surfaces like driveways and patios are perfect for pressure washing. When it comes to pressure washing, it’s best to have an expert handle it. They’ll have the training required to use pressure washer equipment safely while knowing what should and shouldn’t be washed.

If you ever need power washing in Huntington Valley, PA, and the surrounding area, reach out to ALG Cleaning Service. We offer various services, including our roofing cleaning in Philadelphia, PA. Call us today for more information on our professional pressure washing and to schedule your appointment.

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